Riverwind Casino Poker Room

We bet you’ll love poker at Riverwind. For starters, our poker room is the best and busiest in the metro, with over 17 different tables of pure poker action for all skill levels. Of course, you can always be up-to-date on sporting events via our 16 flatscreen TVs. Riverwind Casino: Fun times and good poker room - See 719 traveler reviews, 64 candid photos, and great deals for Norman, OK, at Tripadvisor. Casino has a large poker room, blackjack, 3 card poker, roulette, and plenty of slots. Many penny machines. It does allow smoking throughout the Casino so your clothes will smell when you leave. There is both fast food and a few sit down places. Watched part of Thursday Night Football in the bar area. Not many seats for watching.

In total, you’ll find 8 poker rooms in Oklahoma across the
state. Poker is quite popular here and is like other states
outside of major gaming hubs like Nevada. At one point the state
boasted over 20 poker rooms. In recent times, though, and in
line with black Friday and the implosion of online poker in the
US, many of these poker rooms have now closed as popularity has
waned. This is also due to the newer players being driven out of
the game by a more experienced and skilled middle class of

Irrespective of this poker is alive and well in Oklahoma
overall and it isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Like all hobbies
and sports poker will have its peaks and troughs and undoubtedly
once the legislative issues around online poker are solved this
will translate to more popular live poker rooms.

Casinos are limited to native American lands in Oklahoma and
every casino is owned and run by native Americans. You can find
some restricted forms of gambling at race tracks, but you’ll
only find poker in the casinos. Interestingly, you can gamble in
Oklahoma and play poker once you’re 18 years of age and most
casinos will allow you to play poker. Some still have a 21 years
of age restriction. We assume this is because of alcohol service
and licensing.

Choctaw Casino Durant

Riverwind poker room
  • Location: Durant, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 30
  • Games: Tournament players will find up to three no limit
    Texas holdem events each day with by in’s ranging from $65
    up to $240. On top of this the Choctaw Casino Durant poker
    room also holds poker night in America and World Series of
    Poker circuit events. If you are after cash games, then
    you’ll find no limit tables ranging from $1 / $2 up to $5 /
    $10. They also run pot limit Omaha hi games ranging from $1
    / $2 to $10 / $25.
  • Ambience: Located on the second level of the casino this
    poker room is quite large and has an open and spacious feel
    about it. Smoking isn’t permitted in the room which means a
    more comfortable environment for players. Tables and chairs
    are comfortable and well maintained.
  • Hospitality: You’ll get decent service in this poker
    room and you must pay for it. The food and drink comes at a
    cost and aren’t comped while you are playing. You can earn
    comp dollars at the rate of $1 per hour which can be put
    towards drinks and food though so you get a little bit back
  • Players: Most players in this poker room will be
    experienced and tough. They often run major events here
    which attract good players from across America. They do
    serve alcohol now which means you’ll come across inebriated
    players which may provide some more value for you. During
    peak times, you’ll find softer tables and outside of this
    you’ll more likely come across tougher players and regulars.

Poker Tournaments In Oklahoma Casinos

Choctaw Casino Grant

Riverwind Casino Poker Room
  • Location: Grant, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 3
  • Games: Unfortunately for tournament players this poker
    room doesn’t offer any games. For cash players, you’ll only
    find $1 / $2 no limit Texas holdem.
  • Ambience: This is a small poker room with basic tables
    and chairs. It’s nice to play at and good enough for what is
    considered a smaller Choctaw casino.
  • Hospitality: You can get basic drinks and purchase
    alcohol here while you play. Comps wise you can earn $1 per
    hour played at the table.
  • Players: Generally, the players at this poker room will
    be tough regulars. On weekends, more players make the
    commute up from Texas to play meaning you’ll find some
    juicer games during that time. If you are in the area it’s
    well worth a visit and play, particularly during the busier

FireLake Casino

  • Location: Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, daily
  • Tables: 2
  • Games: You’ll only find $3 / $6 limit Texas holdem in
    this poker room. They don’t run tournaments at all.
  • Ambience: This is just two tables placed in the casino
    for poker play. You won’t find anything special associated
    with this poker room and the tables and chairs are quite
  • Hospitality: You can order food and drink from the table
    in the FireLake casino poker room. On top of this you’ll
    earn comps while you play. They also offer daily promotions
    including the $30 splash pot prize.
  • Players: It’s hit and miss when it comes to players in
    this kind of poker room. You’ll come across seasoned
    regulars who are grinding it out in the limit game. On top
    of this you’ll most likely see the odd slower and older
    player who is in it just to pass the time.

Grand Casino

  • Location: Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 19
  • Games: This large poker room offers up two to three no
    limit holdem tournaments a day ranging from a $35 buy in up
    to $350. It depends on the day of the week and the time of
    the year in respect to what tournaments will be running so
    be sure to check the schedule prior to your visit. From time
    to time they also run Omaha tournaments. For cash game
    players, you’ll always find $1 / $2 no limit holdem and $3 /
    $6 limit holdem running. During busier times, they will
    sometimes open $2 / $5 no limit, $4 / $8 HORSE and $4 / $8
    limit Omaha games. This is purely based on player demand.
  • Ambience: This is a great poker room which is spacious,
    open, and completely smoke free inside and near the
    entrance. This makes it a very comfortable playing
    environment. Lots of TV’s are available for watching sports
    and the tables and chairs are well maintained. The room used
    to be a restaurant which is a little strange however it
    works well nonetheless.
  • Hospitality: You’ll get good drink service here and it’s
    all available table side. You can earn comp points while
    playing also. You’ll need to pay for alcoholic drinks.
  • Players: Saturday nights are pumping in this poker room.
    If you are looking for the best games, then visit during
    this time. The poker room is large and attracts a good range
    of players so you’ll find some decent tables from time to
    time, and some soft and juicy ones on the weekend. The
    regulars are friendly and welcoming so this is a great place
    to visit and get some play in.

Lucky Star Casino Concho

  • Location: El Reno, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 5
  • Games: Unfortunately, this poker room doesn’t offer any
    tournaments. They offer pot limit Omaha cash games and no
    limit Texas holdem from time to time. Stakes will usually be
    low at $1 / $2.
  • Ambience: This casino is quite old and basic, pretty
    much like a local’s casino. You’ll find comfortable
    furnishings but nothing lavish. Remember this is in El Reno
    in Oklahoma; it’s not the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Hospitality: You can order food at the table and will
    also receive cocktail service at the Lucy Star poker room.
    On top of this you can also earn comp dollars for every hour
    that you play through their rewards program.
  • Players: It’s all about regulars and randoms at this
    poker room, which doesn’t help you much but it does mean
    you’ll have a different poker experience every time that you
    play. The regulars are tougher and play tight aggressive
    style poker here. It’s all about patience in these types of
    poker rooms if you want to have a winning session.

Riverwind Casino

  • Location: Norman, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 17
  • Games: Riverwind casino poker room offers a daily no
    limit holdem tournament with a buy in of $50. This is run at
    1pm or 7pm depending on the day of the week. They also offer
    several cash games including $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit
    holdem tables. On weekends, they sometimes open up Omaha and
    limit holdem games if there is sufficient demand from
  • Ambience: This poker room is only separated from the
    main casino by a standard rail. You’ll experience all the
    noise and smell from the main are of the casino. The tables
    are adorned with bright green felt and they are comfortable
    and well maintained. This is a decent enough poker room to
    play in.
  • Hospitality: You can earn $1 per hour in comps while
    playing at the Riverwind poker room. Food and drinks are
    also available for purchase from the table.
  • Players: The players you’ll come across here will be
    quite standard for a mid-sized poker room. The play isn’t
    that great however you’ll come across the odd tough regular
    from time to time. During the busier periods the play will
    be a lot looser.

Win Star World Casino

  • Location: Thackerville, Oklahoma
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 46
  • Games: Win Star world casino poker room offers two no
    limit Texas holdem tournaments a day with buy in’s ranging
    from $65 to $120. You’ll also have plenty of choice when it
    comes to cash games. They run $1 / $2, $1 / $3 and $2 / $5
    no limit holdem and $4 / $8 limit holdem tables all the
    time. On weekends and when it’s busier they will also run $1
    / $2 mixed, $4 / $8 limit holdem, and $4 / $8 limit Omaha 8s
    or better. They sometimes run special events in this poker
    room such as the river poker series.
  • Ambience: A smoke free poker room is always a good thing
    and this one certainly is. It’s well separated from the rest
    of the casino which means you won’t get much smoke or noise
    pollution from there either. The walls in the poker room are
    plastered with flat screen TV’s which mean you can follow
    your favorite sports while you play. Black table felt
    contrasts well against the golds, yellows, and browns of the
    walls and carpet. All in all, this is a nice poker room.
  • Hospitality: You’ll have access to a self-service
    beverage station here and alcohol and food can be ordered
    from cocktail servers. On top of this you can earn $1 in
    comps per hour played at the table. The floor staff and
    tournament directors are excellent here and they know how to
    run a good and solid poker game. Every room and state has
    slightly different rules so be sure to check on these before
    playing so you avoid disputes later. These always seem to be
    happening in this poker room for some reason; however that
    doesn’t take away from the overall experience.
  • Players: You’ll find a good mix of players here with
    mostly young grinding players and older regular ABC poker
    players. You should be able to pick the best tables and
    easily work out who the gamblers are and who the real poker
    players are. This means you’ll find plenty of value in this
    poker room, particularly during the busy periods when more
    people cross the border from Texas. The vibe in this poker
    room is great and it’s always a welcoming and friendly place
    to play.


Riverwind Casino Slot Machines

While Oklahoma isn’t the home to the same number of poker
rooms as Nevada, it still offers poker players a wide range of
rooms, tables, and play. Use this handy guide to help you plan
your poker pay on your next trip to Oklahoma.