Dragon Quest Viii 3ds Casino

Items crafted through Alchemy can be sold in stores. Over time however, selling crafted items will cause its selling price to go down until it only sells for the total amount of gold you used to make it. You won’t be making any profit by then. But there is a way to make infinite money in the game.

Fortunately, there is one crafted item that is not affected by the gradual selling price drop — Super Spicy Cheese. You will always be selling it for 600G no matter how many times you’ve crafted and sold it in shops.

What you’ll need

  • Fresh Milk x1
  • Rennet Powder x1
  • Red Mould x3

You can buy these items for a total of 130G at the Southern Beak Bazaar once it opens.


Feb 01, 2017 The Nintendo 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII includes quite a number of changes and additions, including some new costumes for each character of the cast. In the original PS2 release, only Hero. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (DQVIII. And once you complete that dungeon Cash and Carrie will reopen the casino. Nintendo 3DS Forums.

Making Super Spicy Cheese

  1. First, make Plain Cheese using Fresh Milk and Rennet Powder.
  2. Then, make Spicy Cheese using Plain Cheese and Red Mould x1.
  3. Last, make Super Spicy Cheese using Spicy Cheese and Red Mould x2.

Note: When making each type of cheese on the Alchemy menu, you can press the right directional pad to make as much what your available ingredients allow.

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When selling it in shops, press the Y button to sell all Super Spicy Cheese in your inventor to save time.

Dragon Quest Viii 3ds Cia

If you bought out all the necessary ingredients to as much as you can carry (999), you will be a maximum of 333 Super Spicy Cheese. This will earn a total profit of 150,000G. Rinse and repeat and you’ll soon have infinite money in the game.


When in the Casino, it’s a game of chance. This is one of the parts of the game where you have to constantly reset. However, should you be lucky, there will be times that the chances will be in your favour and you’ll get a lot of coins. At this point, we’re trying not to burn our wallets and work with what we have.

The casino in this guide is Baccarat’s Casino.



DescriptionSingle Bet28:1
2 numbersQuadruple Number Bet7:1
1×3 bet2 Column Bet5:1
1×9Even or Odd Bets2:1 (lowest payout)
Betting on Red or Blue Numbers onlyNonuple Bet3:1

First stage: The Starting 600 coins

Before making your first bet, make sure you save first.The first bets you’re going to make are a Row Bet and Nonuple bet (betting on nine different numbers). No matter what selection you make, everything is at the same chance. When you start off, bet 300 on both the Row Bet and the Nonuple Bet. Your reward increases when both numbers are hit. If the number is contained in both bets then, then you’ll win 1,800 tokens. If it is just one of the bets then, you’ll now have 900 tokens. Which bet you make now depends on how much you won. Refer to the image below for a better view. Example for the Row Bet is having multiples of 3-27 and the Nonuple Bet of 1-9.

If you don’t win, that’s what the reset button is for. Restart over and over ’til you win.

Dragon Quest Viii 3ds Casino Games

2nd stage 900 – 1800 coins

For this particular part, there are two conditions:

IF YOU HAVE 900 COINS: You can split the coins of 50-50 on each of your bets. When you do so and win, you can at least get enough coins to make the 1,800 bet.

IF YOU HAVE 1800 COINS: You keep the two bets from the first bet, but you add one of the Evens/Odds, or Reds/Blues. With that, you can max out 500 tokens on 3 bets with 300 coins change. Repeat until you have at least 4,500 tokens.

3rd Stage

*note: you can already start maxing it out if you’re feeling ballsy and lucky about it.

IF YOU HAVE 4,500 TOKENS: This uses a variety of bets. You can either make 3 Nonuple Bets or 9 Single Bets. For higher output, do 9 single bets. The payout ratio is much higher. But if you want to play safe, put in 3 Nonuple Bets. It has a lower pay out however.

IF YOU HAVE 5,000 TOKENS: You can now combine the 9 Single Bets or the Nonuple Bet for increased pay out. However, the Single Nine Bets can cripple you due to it being the hardest to win.

IF YOU HAVE 6,000 TOKENS: Combination of 9 Single Bets, a Nonuple Bet. However, add Two Column Bets within the Nonuple Bet to create a double bet to increase the pay out.

4th Stage

IF YOU HAVE 7,500 TOKENS: Use the bets made so far. After that, add the 3 “Column Bets” of the Nonuple set.

IF YOU HAVE 9,500 TOKENS: Add the 4 “Quadruple Bets” contained within the Nonuple set. Place this along with all the other bets made so far.

5th Stage

15,500 Tokens- This uses all the bets made so far, and adds the 6 horizontal “Double Number Bets” & 6 vertical “Double Number Bets” of the Nonuple set. The payout for this bet can be 50,000 tokens!

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*Optional* 16,000/16,500 Tokens- *Optional*

This uses all the bets made so far, and adds Even/Odd and/or Red/Blue bets. This is optional because it doesn’t really help earn much, if any, more because of the 50/50 chance of them helping.

The moment you hit 21,500, the pay out won’t be as big. Even with you winning or losing, there’s an average that you’ll lose either 4000-6000 coins which isn’t going to be beneficial on your part.


Prizes for the Baccarat’s Casino

PricePrayer Ring1500G
3000 TokensSaint’s Ashes6000G
10000 TokensLiquid Metal Armour4750G
20000 TokensAprender Texas Holdem Poker
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