How To Remove Expansion Slot Cover

That is a break away slot cover. Stick a screwdriver in one of the slots and start rocking it back and forth to break the little places where there is still some metal holding it in. It takes a bit of force and courage that you are not doing something wrong because it seems that you are breaking it-which you are, but it is designed to be broken. How To Remove Expansion Slot Cover Fortunately for American casino fans regulation is on its way, and if you live in a regulated state you have plenty of options. Here at CasinoTop10, you'll find an extensive How To Remove Expansion Slot Cover list of casinos which have been tested and approved by our staff in all regulated states. Registering your account. By opening an account with us and/or by using How To Remove Expansion Slot Cover the Website you acknowledge, agree and warrant that you:. are at least 18 years of age and above the legal age for gambling in the jurisdiction you How To Remove Expansion Slot Cover are a resident;. are legally capable of entering into binding contracts. The machine has five covers on the back for expansion cards. Two of them slide out and three seem to be solid. I need to open the back cover to insert a PCi express USB 3.0 card, but it doesn't seem to be removable. Is there a trick to open this cover? The slot I want to open is shown with a red arrow.


Sometimes called an expansion slot cover, a blank slot cover is a thin piece of metal covering an opening in the back of a computer case for an expansion card. The cover protects the inside of the case from foreign objects, maintains proper air flow, and eliminates electrical interference. When installing a new expansion card, the blank slot cover must be removed first. The picture is an example of a blank slot cover, next to two expansion cards.


With screwless cases, you may not have a screw to secure each blank slot cover in place. Instead, the blank slot covers are held in place with one thumb screw attached to a metal holder that can be removed after the thumb screw is removed.

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