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Offshore poker rooms may not be 100% legal in the USA, but in many cases, they are considered regulated and legal sites outside of the country. You are still going to want to do your background checking on an offshore poker room, though, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is to make sure that it is licensed.

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  1. Top US Legal Poker Sites 2020 - Definitive guide to playing online poker legally in the USA - Find expert reviews & ratings of all the best sites. Top US Legal Poker Sites Welcome to, where poker players in the United States can look for the latest online poker legal news, information and tips.
  2. Things are changing fast for online poker. There are four states that have regulated games — Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania – plus legal, sweepstakes poker games in other areas. While the boom of 10 years ago is over, online poker for real money in the US is on the rise again. This is a detailed guide to legal poker sites in the United States.

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Top Legal Us Poker Sites

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Online poker is a very popular form of online gambling, but it can be very risky if you do not stick to the best poker sites. We have sifted through a wide number of different poker rooms, and we have found those that have good reputations. Many online poker rooms have been called rigged by some players, while others have been the subject of a major international scandal. We have avoided these poker rooms, the ones that have been a part of a scandal, in order to prevent our readers from partaking in anything but the best.

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When we decided to look into the different poker rooms, we had a series of heavy criteria that we decided on in order to deliver the best poker sites from our approved list of Legal Online Gambling sites. First and foremost there was the fact that we could not allow our players to enjoy a poker room that has been part of a scam, scandal or theft. We also decided to take the bigger poker deposit bonuses, as well as the most diverse poker deposit methods and easy to use software. The number of games and tournaments was subject to our review.