Holdem And Hitem Cook Off


Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club - Houston, TX - www.hhclub.org Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club is a 501 (c) 3 Ta Eempt / Non Profft Organiation Raising Money for Youth and Education Raising Money for Youth and Educatio n Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club 32nd Annual Bar-B-Que Cook-Off (Over $10k payout) Friday, January 25, 2019 Thru Sunday, January 27, 2019. Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club - Houston, TX - ww.hhclub.org Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club is a 501 (c) 3 Ta Eemt / Non Profft Organiation Raising Money for Youth and Education Raising Money for Youth and Educatio n Hold ‘Em & Hit ‘Em Club 30th Annual Bar-B-Que Cook-Off Friday, January 20, 2017 Thru Sunday, January, 22, 2017.

Everyone loves the free food, party, and beverages at the Cook-Offs…but this party is the culmination of a year long effort.

Going into my third year as a FITHC team member, I can attest to the long hours of preparation that climax with three long days of celebration for our guests and one long week of hard work for our team members. This starts almost immediately after we break down the tent. The building and fund raising meetings occur throughout the year as we prepare to improve on this celebration.

Michael Stinson started this effort with 10 bales of hay and a $200.00 tent in 1994 while selling carnival tickets for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where he won the Top Rookie sales award. The following year he won a BBQ Pit and the match was struck.

In 1996 a long time friend and business owner Thomas Cangelosi/NEPCO brought his expertise and Italian cooking skills to the team.

The name Fire In The Hole Cookers name was inspired by the heat emanating from Jeremy Retzlaff’s and Mike’s chili recipe one late night in 1995, in the kitchen of his Carrabba’s Restaurant in Sugarland.

While waiting 15 years for an opening in the vast line-up of BBQ Cook-Off teams at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the team honed their skills at various events like the Rice Stadium Cook-Off, Fort Bend County Fair, Holdem and Hitem in Bear Creek Park, and the UH Cook-Offs.

The team consists of business owners and friends united in providing an atmosphere of celebration for hard work and a long time goal of scholarship for our youth.

Holdem And Hitem Cook Official

The sponsors list has been constant throughout the years of team growth with Cambridge Windows and Doors, Dr. Pepper, NEPCO, Carrabbas ( Katy Frwy ), Smile Texas, Texas Texas Salsa, Red Door Funding,In A Flash Photography, Gulf Coast Insulation, Premier Paging, Cima Technology, Katy Christian Magazine and Brasher Motor Company.

This year we are happy to announce the additions of TXU Energy and EMI Corporation.

So stop by and visit our tent if you get a chance. Just look for the long line. For additional information, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Fire-In-The-Hole-Cookers/250517759627.

Holdem And Hitem Bbq Cook Off

Happy New Year. As we move into 2017, it is once again getting to be thinking about the HLSR BBQ Cook Off. LoneStar Cowboy Cookers has one of the if not the largest space at HLSR. This year we are adding a new attraction....THE STAR Club. This will be an air conditioned tent located on our patio, that will cater to the ULTRA VIP guests. It will have its bar, food service, and bathrooms. STAR Club Guests will be able to request VIP tours of the Pit Area, with our Chief Cook as your tour guide. We will allow our band to use the STAR Club as their green room, so you would be able to meet them in person. Also, each year we often have celebrity guests come to our tent (Radio DJ's, Houston Texan Football Players, etc). This year those Celebrities will be escorted into the STAR Club and our STAR Club guests will be able to meet them as well.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, send me a message, with your email address and I can send you the form. Don't Wait until its too late. Each year we end up having to turn away possible sponsors, because once we sell enough sponsorships to cover our tent capacity each night, we stop selling them. There are No exceptions.

One last perk.... if you pay your HLSR sponsorship before January 15th, you will be invited to join LoneStar Cowboy Cookers at the Holdem & Hitem BBQ Cook off, on January 20th & 21st.