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  1. Obtaining Employment The application process for the Ho-Chunk Nation will require applicants to complete the following steps in order to submit application materials for employment consideration: Step One Review Job Posting Information to locate, identify, and select position(s) in which you are interested. (Lists of past and present employment opportunities are listed below in “Employment.
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Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa - 949 CR-G, Nekoosa, Wisconsin 54457 - Rated 4.1 based on 137 Reviews 'Looking for a place to have a Thanksgiving dinner,decided.

Barbara Paprocki

I have used Ho Chunk Gaming as my preferred place to go for some time now. I really like the friendly and helpful staff. Most recently I have noticed many of the slot machines that I prefer to play have been replaced for the newer more expensive electronic machines. I for one find the newer ones to be disappointing in the payout and the amount one needs to put in in order to play them. Not 1 cent machines when you need to start with 40-50 cents. I had fun with the older machines and dont get nearly the play with the newer types. I still end up leaving my money, but lets have some fun first! Keep some of those old favorites.


Shirley Parr

Nekoosas website states that on MOOLAH MONDAY; Automatically receive $20 Rewards Play every Monday in September. Rewards Play will be automatically added to all Rewards Club Cards every Monday in September. No registration required. Imagine my dismay when, after driving 90 miles on September 5, I was told I didnt 'qualify' because it was only for those people who receive their mailing....doesnt say that...I consider this gross false advertising. Just to clarify, I didnt drive 90 miles just for the rewards. It was a gloomy, rainy, day and my sister likes to gamble so we decided to make a 'day of it'; big mistake.


Tim Raymond

Probably the worst casino in Wisconsin/Michigan. And I camp at a lot of them. Tried to cash a personal check there that had my name 'Tim', but because my ID said Timothy they refused to do So. Then I ate a hamburger in the snack bar...party came out undercooked, And I orderd it with bacon...came without. Slots are a total joke here. Dont even waste your time coming here. Black river falls is better, hell any where is better than here. Will never go back here again. And Ill spread the word also.


Barb R

Have been there a fee times and have yet to win anything. The machines dont pay out. I had 40 free spins and ended up with four dollars. We have better luck going to a bar and playing on their machines then coming to Ho Chunk. When we were there they had a drawing and were giving away some cash prizes and some free play prizes. They been better off giving away a bunch of free play because people always spend more money when they have free play then giving away a $5000 & $10,000 prize.


Christy Underberg

1 star because I cant do 0....Valet parking was very rude. Got out of our truck and told him to take care of it. No scratches or burn the tires. He the for in the truck and peeled out. Left 3 feet rubber marks with the tires. We had to fill our a customer complant form. Not happy with they way it was hannled by the supervisor on duty but the rest of the crew, Maria was the best!


Maria L CaloDHLc

Nice place, staff is really nice also. I have won some major jackpots here, more than 2 in one day on the same game and other times on other games. Dont know why people say its no good. I guess when your lucky your lucky. Or maybe karma. Lol. Who knows. But you cant win if you dont play. Just dont loose it all back once you win it.Just go!! Leave.Because your luck has just ran out.

Ho-chunk Casino Wisconsin Dells


Mike Park

Ho-chunk Casino Black River Falls Wi

Slots are very tight, never win any money on them. The casino is overrun with old people who just pump their social security money into the machines. The drinks are overpriced and it is in the middle of nowhere. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because the food is decent.


Jeff Fohr

Had a great time here. Love the food. I dont know why everyone is complaining. I dont smoke myself but the place wasnt that bad. Clean too the cleaning staff does a great job! All chairs were pushed in and machines were wiped down quickly. I would for sure go back.


Donna Grahn

Caroline (bartender) goes above and beyond to welcome you and she creates an enjoyable atmosphere. A positive attitude that is contagious, having experience, knowledge and always a smile. I have a great time and look forward to visiting again (win or loose)!

NekoosaCasino in nekoosa wi


Dan Hintz

I have a feeling from the amount of winnings our group had this place would rather pay out fines than players because they find it cheaper on the slots. I do not recommend unless you are looking to play table games. Even those are very limited.


Andy Stanislaw

Awful, to slightly less than awful. Table games dont even use chips... Its all electronic. Stay home & play on your iPad. You would t get smoked out by cigarettes, and wont be tempted to try the bad food in the restaurant. All around bad.


joshua Kuklinski

Machines are really tight. Won only once in all the times I have been there. They will give you $10 free play at 500 points. Well you will have to spend couple thousand dollars to get that $10. Definitely not worth the time.


Jody Schultz

Nice casino, except filled with smoke; not very good ventilation. Their no smoking section is a joke, because its just a small section, fully open to the main room, with a small stand fan in it, blowing towards the door.


james scofield

Feels like one of the tightest casinos in the state. Wins are small, jackpots are very rare. Also had a machine malfunction and their tech team was useless and couldnt give me my money back. Kinda felt cheated.


Mitch Man

Great place to go and throw some money away. Very clean facility and friendly atmosphere free coffee and soft drinks. One thing to remember casinos dont lose money.


Marilyn Pereda

This is not an easy casino to find. The environment isnt great. I felt like I was not safe traveling there and it was not as entertaining as I expected.


Steve Zeimet

Lost all my money. Lost the house and car. Over all had a great time. Drinks a little high when you have none. Friendly staff


Jeanette Hornbaker

Its dirty on weekend nights. Not enough help. Help they have is busy gossiping with patrons and not doing their jobs.


Charlie Pattridge

My wife likes the casino and we both like the restaurant. Gambling to me is as interesting as watching cement dry.


Gabriel Hernandez

Nomas roban el dinero ninguna máquina paga


Joe Stannis

Great place to get a meal and have lots of room for large 'get together parties' gambling selection is great.


John Von Wald

Not as smokie in the casino as I had remembered it the last time I was there. It was fun for an hour.


Stephen Douglas

The casino is 98% machines and a handful of tables. Free soft drinks and coffee are available.


Tony Langkau

Its alright, but I seem to have the worst luck here. Better food options would be nice too.


Heather Stephens

Its no Vegas casino, but it will do for being in the middle of Wisconsin! Lol! ; )


sandyann rogers

Love it the staff is friendly the food is good. The snack bar is reasonably priced.


Kevin Kleist

Blackjack dealer very unfriendly. Slots never gave bonus after I put 100 bucks in.


Jim El

Its a casino. Dells is bigger and nicer, but it has its own charm and good food.


Carol Pastorius

Has good selection of gambling machines and is a quiet place out in the country.


Brian Priller

Won a little bit. Would like to see a blackjack table with less than a $5 limit.


Paul Waltenberg

They changed the players club so you only get $10 freeplay. Just insulting.

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