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Ffxiv Alliance Roulette

The Duty Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV ensures that most content remains relevant for years to come. Several of the game’s dungeons, trials, raids, and PvP encounters are each separated into their own category on the first page of the Duty Finder. You can then queue up for any specific category, or roulette, joining any duty among the ones available. Within each roulette, the specific duty you land is random. You’ll earn additional rewards per day for each roulette, such as gil, Allagan tomestones, and company seals.

Having partaken further of Ascian wisdom, the Amalj'aa have succeeded in summoning the mightiest incarnation of their god to date. Ifrit has returned amidst hellfire and brimstone, and the lizardmen bask in the heat of destruction as warriors of the Immortal Flames. Thanks to FFXIV’s Kill Streak, killing a ton of mobs outside of dungeons levels you fast. So, if you can get a high-level friend, have them not be in a party with you. Then, run around an area that you and your friend feel comfortable with. Unless we get a completely new Trials roulette for level 60, they will presumably continue to be mandatory to unlock the roulette (and how this will pan out remains to be seen, particularly as the existing Trials roulette includes all the 8-man trials other than the EX series, including the level 49 Cape Westwind and the Ultima Weapon hardmode.

Duty Roulette categories

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Expert: The highest-level story dungeons. This roulette offers the largest bonus of the weekly-capped Allagan tomestones. There aren’t many dungeons to choose from here, easily making things repetitive after a while.

Popular Searches

Level [XX] Dungeons: Currently level 80 in Shadowbringers, this is traditionally where the other level-capped story dungeons are. Any dungeons with a lower item level requirement than the Expert batch, you’ll find them here.

Level [50/60/70] Dungeons: These contain all of the level-capped story dungeons at the lower tiers. During A Realm Reborn, these level 50 dungeons used to be Expert ones; during Heavensward, these level 60 dungeons were the Expert ones, and so on.

Leveling: All leveling dungeons available at your current level. This is a real dice throw, as you could land in Sastasha, the level 15 dungeon, at level 79 for example. But the roulette will give you additional rewards for any level discrepancies.

Mentor roulette ffxiv

Trials: All non-extreme level difficulty 8-man trials, starting from level 50.

Main Scenario: This roulette only contains two level 50 “dungeons,” Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium, as the final main scenario capstones from A Realm Reborn’s story. To facilitate new players, the cutscenes in these dungeons are unskippable. Veteran players can rush through the bosses, but they will have to sit through all cutscenes with everyone else. However, there’s a hefty experience points bonus at the end for your patience.

Guildhests: This contains the rarely-used guildhest content aimed at beginners. Guildhests teach players the most basic aspects of combat. The rewards from this roulette sadly aren’t too impressive.

Alliance Raids: You’ll find all 24-man alliance raids here, except for when a new one first releases. While we say “all,” it is frustratingly common to land in the level 50 alliance raids over and over. Getting certain level 70 raids is a toss-up between a nice, clean run or an agonizing wipefest. But the nice bonus reward of weekly-capped Allagan tomestones makes the risk worth it.

Normal Raids: This roulette has all of the non-savage 8-man raids, excluding the level 50 Coils of Bahamut series from A Realm Reborn. When a new raid tier releases, you’ll find these fights within right after you clear them.

Mentor: There’s also the Mentor roulette. For players who achieve the Mentor status, they have the option of queueing into this roulette to help others. It contains every fight in the game, including extreme-level primals from previous expansions, and excluding savage or ultimate-level raids. You could get absolutely anything, from a random low-level guildhest to one of the more punishing extreme primals. The Allagan tomestone rewards are pretty sad compared to other roulettes, but running this does count toward your achievement rewards for Mentor-exclusive titles and mounts.

Frontline: Finally, there’s the Frontline PvP roulette. This cycles through the available Frontline matches, listed under the Information section of the duty description. Whichever one is listed there will be the one you get. This changes daily. It’s a nice way to rack up extra Wolf Marks each day.


In addition to the extra Allagan tomestones, gil, and company seal rewards, there’s the adventurer-in-need bonus. This bonus rewards players who queue up as the role “in-need” for the Duty Roulette, or whichever role the queues are short on. You’ll gain an extra chunk of gil for doing this. Unlike the daily rewards themselves, you can keep running Duty Roulettes as adventurer-in-need as many times as you want.

Next to each Duty Roulette, you’ll see the blue, green, or red icons, denoting the adventurer-in-need as either the tank, healer, or DPS roles, respectively. It’s pretty common for Alliance raids to have DPS in-need, since these always need 15 DPS total, with only three tanks and six healers in comparison. The other roulettes bounce around between tank and healer as the roles in-need. But sometimes you’ll see tank or healer for Alliance raids, or DPS for other roulettes.

Running your daily Duty Roulettes is a great way to passively make gil over time, especially as the adventurer-in-need. It’s consistent, it’s reliable, and it only costs you time. Sure, you’ll have to repair your gear every so often, but that’s the case with all battle content in the game. If you’re not a fan of dealing with the market board for your gil, this is a great alternative.

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Move over, Phantasmagoria Allegory. Your time in the sun is over. Tomestones of Allegory are no longer the weekly limited Tomestone, and have now shifted slots to the unlimited Tomestone. It’s still an endgame currency, and it’s still useful, so I’ll go over all the best sources to earn Allegory.

While you can now farm as much Allegory as you like, you can still only hold 2,000 of these Tomestones at a time. Pay attention to your supply so you don’t overcap. In this post I’ll also talk about the different things you could prioritize buying depending on your in game goals.

How to Get Tomestones of Allegory

As mentioned, Allegory used to be a weekly limited Tomestone, but since the introduction of Tomestones of Revelation in patch 5.4, Allegory is now unlimited. Farm it to your heart’s content.

First let’s talk about how you can earn your Tomestones of Allegory. There are a few different activities that reward these Tomestones, but you will need to be on a level 80 Job for most of them.

Convert Tomestones of Phantasmagoria

If you had a supply of Tomestones of Phantasmagoria before patch 5.4, those have been discontinued. You can’t obtain any more, and they have no use now except to exchange for Tomestones of Allegory at a rate of 4:1.

Head to Mor Dhona and speak to Auriana <Servant of Splendors> in Revenant’s Toll [22.7, 6.7]. Select ‘Allagan Tomestones of Phantasmagoria Exchange’ and she’ll convert them for you. Make sure you have space to receive them, since you can only hold 2000 of each Tomestone type at a time.


This is probably how I earn most of my Allegory, since I’m doing Expert Roulette often for the Revelation anyway. If you play FFXIV every day, you’re probably used to doing this as one of your daily tasks. You can also run the Level 80 Dungeons Roulette for the next highest amount in a single duty.

These two roulettes are nice because you earn the Allegory bonus reward on top of the Allegory you get for running whichever duty you land in. You’ll also be earning some high level dungeon loot to desynthesize or turn in for lots of Grand Company Seals.

For other Roulettes, you’ll need to make sure you’re on a level 80 Job to earn the bonus Tomestones of Allegory.

Expert60 (+80)
Level 80 Dungeons100 (+50)
Level 50/60/70 Dungeons120
Main Scenario100
Alliance Raids100
Normal Raids60
Frontline50 (+50)

Since you need to be on a level 80 Job to earn Allegory, you won’t be able to take advantage of the bonus combat experience from these roulettes. I usually reserve Levelling and Alliance Raid Roulettes for whichever Job I’m currently levelling, but if you’d rather have the Allegory that day, it’s not a bad tradeoff since the Tomestone rewards are high.

If you’re comfortable playing multiple roles at level 80, you can often get a shorter queue and bonus gil by matching the Adventurer in Need bonus. For Levelling and Alliance Raid Roulettes, you also receive a Cracked Stellacluster and two Cracked Planiclusters for filling the Adventurer in Need role, and you can trade these for Grade VIII and Grade VII combat materia.

Level 80 Raids and Trials

You’ll earn 15-25 Tomestones of Allegory for each clear of a Shadowbringers Extreme Trial or Unreal fight. If you’re farming a fight for weapons or mounts, make sure you don’t overcap on Allegory midway through!

Shadowbringers Alliance Raids will give you 100 Tomestones of Allegory. The Copied Factory and The Puppets’ Bunker also each give you tokens which will be used to help upgrade gear later in the expansion, so hold onto those if you get them.

Finally, Normal Raids (not Savage) in Shadowbringers will earn you a small amount of Allegory as well. To be honest there’s not much reason to run the normal version of Eden’s Gate (E1-4) or Eden’s Verse (E5-8) at this point except when you land in them from the Normal Raid Roulette.

However, Eden’s Promise (E9-12) provides you with tokens to obtain some decent i510 gear to help catch a Job up to harder endgame content. For the time being these drops are weekly locked, so you’ll want to make sure you get them done each week for as much gear as you’re allowed. These fights are worth 20 Allegory each, so that’s nice to walk away with too.

Mentor Roulette Ffxiv

Treasure Hunts

If you can rustle up a few friends or strangers for a couple hours, you can rack up quite a lot of Tomestones (both Allegory and Revelation). Opening the chests in the overworld rewards you with 10-30 Tomestones of Allegory, so even if you’re unlucky finding portals you’ll still earn a hefty amount of the unlimited Tomestone.

This is a pretty chill way to hang out with friends on a voice call since the content doesn’t require so much focus, and it’s fun to play through Treasure dungeons with their fun animations and bonuses. The popularity of Treasure Hunting parties in Party Finder will vary depending on whether there’s some new and shiny crafting loot in there, but lots of people have maps burning a hole in their pocket. Don’t be afraid to start a party yourself.

This is definitely a fun activity worth considering if you’re tired of the Roulette grind. Plus, you’ll also earn a lot of gil from them and their loot drops at the same time.

Elite Marks

Shadowbringers Elite Marks are fun and commonly taken down by trains. A Ranks will give you 20 Allegory, and S Ranks will earn you 80. Join and keep an eye on your server’s Linkshells for Hunts, and help call out Elite Marks when you see them. You need a decent amount of people, so it’s more popular among random players.

If you find the opportunity to fight Elite Marks in ARR, Heavensward, or Stormblood zones, those also drop Allegory (10 for A Ranks, 30 for S Ranks) so they might be worth your time.

All Elite Marks drop Tomestone of Poetics as well (don’t overcap on those either!) making this an efficient activity in terms of rewards, which I guess is why it’s so popular. It’s still relatively casual content, but the variety of all the different Elite Marks makes it fun and helps break up the monotony of duty grinding.

How to Spend Tomestones of Allegory

There are only a few things you can buy with Allegory. You can spend your Tomestones on catch-up gear to outfit your combat Jobs, or you can buy crafting materials for personal use or for selling to other players.

Unlock extreme roulette ffxiv


Using your farmable Tomestones of Allegory, you can buy yourself the Crystarium set from Aymark <Tomestone Exchange> in Eulmore [10.3, 11.8]. This i490 combat gear is upgradeable to i500 by trading in tokens from The Copied Factory and The Puppets’ Bunker. An average item level of 500 is high enough to enter the first floor of Eden’s Promise (Savage) or Castrum Marinum (Extreme).

Duty Roulette Ffxiv

Aside from buying crafted gear off the marketboard, this is the fastest way to grind up to endgame equipment.

Crafting Materials

Tomestones of Allegory are needed to buy materials for crafting both combat (Exarchic set) and non-combat (Aesthete set) endgame equipment.

The items at the top of the list are for more recent, higher item level crafts. All of these items sell regularly at the moment (at least on my server), but I expect the Spirit Water to stay high in demand later along in the tier because it’s used to craft consumable items (stat potions). The other items are used for making equipment, which is typically a one-time buy per character.

The other items further down on the list are used for making previous endgame sets, but there might still be interest in those items for glamour purposes. You can check out the Facet set or the Neo-Ishgardian set to see if they fit your style.

It may be cheaper just to spend gil on the marketboard for these older items or their crafting materials, and save Allegory for selling the current materials – it really depends on your server’s market. Remember that you don’t need HQ items for glamour, NQ is just fine.

Extreme Roulette Ffxiv


Tomestones of Allegory follow the same routine you’re used to with endgame Tomestones. They’re currently used to buy quick catch up gear to get your average item level up to speed, or else you’ll be buying up crafting materials to use or sell on the marketboard.

Do you often find yourself in need of Allegory, or have you got more than you can spend? Let me know in the comments.

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