Doubleu Casino How To Win Real Money

How To Win Big At Doubleu Casino U.S., many professional real money gamblers moved to Canada to take advantage of staying in the same time zones but being able to keep playing at their favorite sites. There are not actual laws forbidding or allowing real money online gambling sites, so for the moment players can pick and choose from a wide. Double U Casino is a casino style game that comes with various games. Having a variety of games and slot machines to play as well as poker, the main of the app is to earn money. If you want to win money, you need to connect the game to Facebook, play safely, and consider playing the slot machines, among others. This casino table game is just as exciting to play online. Roulette requires no skill to play, although it is helpful to learn the best bets to make. Live dealer roulette is the most How To Win Jackpot On Doubleu Casino exciting game to play on online casinos, but bettors can find other roulette games to play online, too.

DoubleU Casino is wonderful play for fun casino that offers free slots and casino games. With rating of 4.5 at Google Play store and iTunes it has over 10,000,000+ installs. You can enjoy this casino free of cost on your mobile, PC or tablet and enjoy slots all free without any real money deposits. A variety of high-quality slot games from classic to the latest unique one give you ultimate fun you may have never experienced. This play for fun online casino is powered by DoubleU Casino Games company.

Doubleu casino how to win real money pokerstars

Free slots to play

Doubleu Casino How To Win Real Money

There are over 100 free slots to enjoy here at play for fun DoubleU Casino. Some of the popular slots you can enjoy are Shooting Stars, Adorable cats, Geisha secret, Billionaire Lotto, Caribbean Kitty, Gold Coin, Piggy Jackpot, Western Bulls, The Eva Show, Bunny Egg, Inferno Emress, Queen of India, Bigwin Blast, Secret Diamond, Giant Gorilla, Green Luck, Amazing Frankenstein, Treasure chase and many.

Also find VIP slots for High roller, slot tournaments, video poker and other various games.

All these slots have great features having its own jackpots like the slot machines in land-based Las Vegas Casinos.
All the games are neatly categorised into popular slots, Vegas slots, Classic slots, video slots, favourite slots, newest slots.

There are three video poker tables as well at DoubleU Casino to play and win like Holdem poker, Joker Poker, Caribbean stud poker. Also play lotto games of Bingo and Keno. Blackjack players too can play free Blackjack here. So does players can enjoy game of Roulette game to play and win. Other table games include Baccarat and craps.

The interface is easy to navigate once you download the game app

You can check all of the slots available in casinos with Quick Start bar

Features of the DoubleU Casino App

  • The unique feature at DoubleU Casino app is that there is no level-based restriction in slot and video poker play.
  • You will find that every slot machine has its own jackpot.
  • Also, there are a variety of bonus features: Jackpot Tourneys, Live Slotourneys, Winner Club, and more.
  • The casino also has a generous free chip giveaway policy.
  • The app is always user-oriented development and updates.
  • The casino support team is prompt and interactive to solve the queries of the players.
  • New slots are added regularly

How to get started at play for fun DoubleU Casino?

To get started at DoubleU Casino is simple process

Simply pick your gaming device be it PC, cell phone, tablet.

Download the game from the respective app stores.

You can play as guest or join with your Facebook account

As a new player get $100000 free chips and you can check your chips and level and adjust your game settings.

Simply go to slots section and choose the one you wish to play.

But playing slots the mechanics are largely the same; you pace your bet, roll the slots, and see if you win or not. Winning in the slot is all about luck, and if you do win, you will see an explanation of why you won a certain amount of money.

Doubleu Casino How To Win Real Money

As a bonus tip, rolling three scatters pulls up a mini-game, each being a unique to a given slot machine will have snowball add up per spin, thus giving you extra multipliers until you ar can roll a winning combination. Like in Mermaid’s Fortune slot it allows Trident wildcards or activates the wheel of fortune for three scatter in a spin

There are three types of video poker in DoubleU Casino; they are Jacks or Better, Deuce Wild and Bonus. These games have a very similar basic mechanics such as place a bet, draw five cards, choose to hold the cards you like and replace the ones you do not like.

The “slot tourney” will automatically sign you up, and all you have to do is to play the game as you normally do. Instead of money, you earn stars for big wins, and your goal is to gather unlimited star at the end of a 24 hours period to get a handsome payout.

Bonus and rewards

Welcome bonus: When you sign in and enter DoubleU Casino app site, you’ll receive 1 million coins as a starting chips.
Facebook promotion events: You can get a lot of free chips by participating promotion events posted on DoubleU Casino’s fan page. Casino offer bonus chips frequently and randomly, and some promotions have conditions like first-come first-served, time limit, mine sweeper, and so forth.
Therefore, you should check out their Fan page and Freechips page so that you don’t miss out bonuses.

Earn Free chips: You can get additional chips from Facebook earning by watching a video, doing surveys, signing in shopping websites, online services or the other web sites. Return to your app and you will receive your Free Chips.

Advertise and Get: You can earn free chips by advertising DoubleU Casino on your Facebook, Twitter, email, and blog. You will get $50,000 free chips for each invited new player via your advertisement URL. The following link leads to specific information on Earn Free chips. You can find this icon in the second page of the “Bonuses” menu on the bottom of the game screen.

Gifting : You can get free chips by collecting gifts from your friends. There are 3 kind of gift in DoubleU Casino, Golden Egg, Scratch and Win, and Slot of Fortune. If you have more friends, you would get more bonus gifts. The following link leads to specific information on DoubleU Casino’s gifting system.

In-game bonus items : You can also get free chips from bonus items including fortune cookies, dropped chips, and chests on city street.

Play and enjoy the League boost events to earn more free coins

Join Winners Club and get 500000 chips all free and get huge bonuses by completing daily missions

Open the mystery box and get $50000 coins/chips all free

Doubleu Casino Free Chip Page

Spin the lucky wheel and get over millions of free coins

Daily stamp offers free chips of $50,000 and more

Join with Facebook to earn more thousands of free coins

  • If you join with Facebook you get experience in a variety of social interactions supported by DoubleU mobile service, accompanied by a number of bonuses and benefits!
  • Click a chip on the lobby floor to collect small free chips.
  • Click a fortune cookie on the lobby floor to share free chips with your friends. If 5 of friends click the link on shared post, you will receive additional bonus chips.
  • If you click avatars, you will get a bonus gift with a funny speech bubble. You can get up to 10 gifts from each avatar one by one, and you can’t get more than 2 gifts in a row from one avatar. Second click allows you to see the player’s status.

Treasure chests are one of the bonuses you can get by clicking on players’ avatar on the strip or in the lobbies. If you click on players, you will see a chest popping out and must click on the chest in order to receive bonus. Treasure chests are shown to each player separately, which means you don’t have to compete with other players to achieve them. Keep in mind that if you click on the same player, you can see the player’s status and won’t be able to receive chest again for certain amount of time. The amount of bonus is given randomly.

VIP Club

Every player automatically joins the VIP Club as soon as you start playing DoubleU Casino! VIP Club will last for the life-time. In other words, VIP Club will be effective as long as you play DoubleU Casino. Bonus chips will be provided as you reach the next VIP Club level.

Daily gift is sent to your gift inbox, and you have to collect it in 24 hours or it will be deleted. You can spin the Lucky wheel on a shorter cycle in the higher VIP Club level. More bonus Timer chips will be given as you reach higher levels. You are allowed to enter VIP Casino in Platinum or higher level.

There are four different themed casino rooms for VIP Mega jackpots machines are all around the lobby! Jackpots in the VIP Casino are built up much faster than those of other casinos. – Antique, Modern Party, Oriental, and High Tech. Special floor bonus items of much higher price. Personal attendant will serve you. You will get better coupons as you reach higher VIP Club levesl.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Playing at DoubleU play for fun casino doesn’t involve any real money deposits and withdrawals. All slots are free to play therefore need not spend any single penny or coin to join this social casino. In case you wish to buy more free coins, chips or credits to play then there are in app purchases which is but your choice to buy or not.

All the jackpot prizes you win are virtual money which means your casino account is automatically credited with more free coins to play more of free pokies for fun. Note that DoubleU Casino is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

Customer Support

In case you need any help from the casino staff then you can contact either through Facebook page or with support email or contact Eonjuro 81 Gil 26 Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080 South Korea +82-2-563-2961

Looking for a fun and exciting app to spend time in your spare time? DoubleU is one of the most creative and fun casino games to spend your time you can find.

With DoubleU casino game you can have fun and entertainment playing classic casino games such as Poker, slot machines and you also can enjoy exciting jackpot tournaments and many other features.

Keep reading this blog post and in the end, you’ll discover how to get free coins and free chips for DoubleU casino.

Doubleu Casino How To Win Real Money Instantly

What is the DoubleU Casino game?

As said above, DoubleU is a casino game that simulates the fun and classic games from Las Vegas. It’s available on all platforms: Android, iPhone, and Windows.

How to start playing?

To start playing DoubleU casino is very simple, you can download their app and play on your phone and it’s also possible to run the game directly on your computer or laptop using your Facebook credentials.

Just click on their official website, choose your preferred platform and start playing. Simple and easy.

Doubleu Casino Facebook Page

The game is totally free, but it’s possible to buy coins or chips if you love to play this game (or if you are addicted).

Are there any real cheats or hacks for DoubleU casino?

Basically, for every casino game online, there are people looking for hacks and cheats to get free coins or chips.

So is there any real DoubleU casino cheats or hack tools to get free coins for DoubleU casino?

If you are looking for a simple and magic way to get free chips for DoubleU casino, sorry but they don’t work. All those hack tools or cheats for DoubleU are fake or scam.

My advice if you are looking for super easy and fast ways to earn free chips for DoubleU casino using shady methods is to stay away from these dishonest hacks or cheats because it’s a total waste of time.

The legit ways to earn DoubleU casino free coins and chips

Fortunately, there are a couple of honest ways that are working to earn free coins and chips for DoubleU casino without dishonest hacks or cheat tools:

  • Playing the game daily or frequently: if you are playing this casino game frequently you’ll have no problems getting bonuses that include free coins and chips for DoubleU casino.
  • Searching for promo codes on Facebook: Probably the easiest way to get free chips on DoubleU casino, if you check their Facebook fan page, frequently, you can easily find promo codes to get Doubleu casino free coins and chips.
  • Buying credits: it’s contradictory, I know. But if you are searching for ways to get free chips for Doubleu casino with no efforts and quickly, buying the is the fastest way. For only a few bucks, you’ll instantly get tons of free coins for Doubleu casino.

Sorry if you imagined that in this article you would discover a magic hack or cheat that would give you unlimited free coins for DoubleU casino.

Like on any other casino game, the companies that developed these games are smarter compared to those “wannabe” hackers that you find online. So there are only a few ways to get extra free coins and chips for DoubleU casino game.