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All the passport appointment slots on all 27 branches of DFA is already filled up (or blocked?). Yes, you can check it out at The only time I saw it opened up was the first week of December 2017. Then after a few weeks, all slots were already taken. So earlier this month, I had a chance to visit Cebu DFA and I asked if there's a way to get my passport processed even though the slots were already taken. Like, walk-in in the afternoon after all the passport appointments have already been accommodated.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, February 3) — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is set to deploy passport 'mega vans' in Cebu in line with its Passport on Wheels (POW) program.

In a statement, the DFA said two passport mega vans will be stationed at the SM Seaside City in Cebu City for a month-long mission that ‪begins on Monday‬. This is the first time the agency will use the mega vans.


The deployment aims to address the 'massive demand for passport appointment slots in Cebu and nearby areas,' the agency said.

According to the DFA, each mega van has the capability to process 800 to 1,000 passport applications per day or twice as many as the regular POW vans launched last year.


Dfa Cebu Passport Appointment

The mega vans also feature built-in passport servicing equipment that allow the agency said.

Dfa Cebu Branch

The DFA launched the POW program in January last year in a bid to address complaints about slow passport processing.