Best In Slot Necklace For Range Osrs

A Necklace is a type of equipment item worn in the neckwear slot. Necklaces are the second item type that players can make with a gem with the skill Crafting.To enchant a necklace (with gem on it), you need runes to cast the appropriate enchant spell.Only members can enchant necklaces. Necklaces can be created using a necklace mould, a gold bar and gems can be used via the crafting skill. Runescape 3 - Best Amulets (Neck slot items)Full gearing guide: of the forsaken:

Your best tiered gear is your best friend and is what you should be running at almost all times. Augmented T90 armor, normal level 90 gear like malevolent, Nex gear like Torva, anything augmented, etc etc etc. It’s mostly the high-leveled bosses that have their own gear section, and will be noted and explained.

BestBest In Slot Necklace For Range Osrs

The best Invention perks available for your gear is explained here.

In terms of extra equipment, which consists of cape, amulet, ring, and aura, there are multiple options for those categories.


  • Skillcapes/obsidian capes are good hybrid capes to wear for noobs.
  • Spirit cape reduce the cost of familiar special points by 10%. This helps immensely if using familiars like a unicorn or titan, as the costs to use their special moves will be lowered.
  • Ava’s device provides a great Ranged bonus and picks up ammunition shot unless it ends up behind an obstacle.
  • Kiln capes are best-in-slot for Melee/Ranged/Magic in terms of pure boosts, behind the comp cape.
  • Reefwalker’s cape is the best choice for tanking, with a decent armor and LP bonus.
  • Max/completionistcapes. Best over all of them for Max Guild access, boss portal, and very good stats (for comp’s case, it’s the best).


  • Amulet of zealots provides the strongest damage boost of all amulets if used with Leech curses, but provides you with much less accuracy than using Turmoil and sacrifices the amulet slot. This is really good if you have 100% accuracy, but if you have anything below 92% accuracy, any other necklace is better due to the greater accuracy boost in Turmoil and the fact that you can use a different amulet for its own effect.
  • Blood amulets provide the best raw DPS assuming 100% accuracy and your target isn’t immune to reflect damage, and restores quite a bit of LP over time.
  • Amulet of souls boosts Soul Split by an average of 18.75% and increases protection prayer values from 50% to 60%. In addition to providing the best raw stats in the game, this is the best all-round amulet to take anywhere.
  • Reaper necklace gives a 0.1% flat hit chance boost for each successful hitsplat, up to a cap of 30 buffs, and each individual one runs out after 55 seconds of use. Individual bleed/multihit damage counts toward to the stacks as well, making the reaper necklace extremely good against monsters with high defence, like Nex, Vorago, RotS, and Telos.
  • Dragon Rider amulet is a very cheap, affordable, non-degradable amulet that boosts the damage of Dragonbreath by 10% and has a 10% chance of applying a shortened Combust bleed, pushing it to a 206.8% ability or higher depending on potential bleed procs! It can potentially be best-in-slot for Magic at specific situations and remain very decent for Melee/Ranged depending on how much you can attack at a time to make reaper better or worse than Dragon Rider. However, in high-end PvM situations, it’s only viable as a switch for Dragonbreath only, so it’s not a good amulet to main.


  • Ring of vigour saves 10% adrenaline per ultimate ability used. Very good and should always be equipped when using a damage-boosting ultimate like Berserk or Sunshine.
  • Asylum surgeon’s ring has a 10% chance of not using adrenaline when using a threshold, allowing for potential powerful combos within a damage-boosting ultimate.
  • Superior leviathan ring has a 5% for 50% damage reduction of any hit, making it pretty ok for tanking roles.
  • Ring of death grants adrenaline 50% of the time, depending on the enemy’s max LP. For every 1500 LP the monster has, you’ll gain 1% adrenaline every time the ring activates, up to a cap of 5% adrenaline (therefore 7500+ LP monsters). It also carries a second effect that bypasses Death’s office at the cost of 15% charge, which it such a big deal that there actually exists a page just covering the ring of death’s cost and how much money it saves per death.


Necklace for range osrs
  • Vampyrism is a fairly weak healing aura. It’s not very good, but it’s still okish for the points required. Pretty much only gets use at Gregorovic or AFKing GWD1/2 bosses if Penance is not available.
  • Penance restores Prayer for all damage you take. This includes recoil from Tendril abilities and Onslaught, and typeless damage also restores back points. Very useful for camping low-leveled bosses and/or tanking with a spirit shield.
  • Inspiration gives 0.5% adrenaline per hitsplat. Though it seems small, it’s still one of the best auras for instances where you have 100% accuracy, especially considering it works on individual bleed/channeled hit.
  • Equilibrium stabilizes your average damage by reducing your max hit and increasing your minimum hit. Very niche, only decent for bosses like Legiones and Kalphite King.
  • Supreme Brawler raises your Melee accuracy by 10%. This makes it second best-in-slot for instances where you use Melee, like Rise of the Six, Araxxor, Yakamaru, and low-enrage Telos.
  • Supreme Sharpshooter raises your Ranged accuracy by 10%. This makes it second best-in-slot for instances where you use Ranged, like Nex, Vorago, Rise of the Six, Araxxor, and Raids.
  • Supreme Runic Accuracy raises your Magic accuracy by 10%. This makes it second best-in-slot for instances where you use Magic, like Vorago, Rise of the Six, Raids, and Telos.
  • Berserker/Reckless/Maniacal boosts both your Melee/Ranged/Magic (respectively) accuracy and damage by 10% while increasing damage taken by 15%. These are the absolute best auras to use, but they take a great amount of skill to use without needing to go through even more supplies. They also last shorter and carry a higher cooldown than basic accuracy auras.
  • Dark Magic has a chance of inflicting a bleed on the target that scales with your Strength/Ranged/Magic level. Very good for targets with high LP, but still not as good as accuracy boosting auras without 100% accuracy, although damage is independent of having 1h or 2h/dual wield so it has a niche when tanking. Gets the best use at GWD2 bosses, although as a backup aura it’s good at Vorago, Raids, and Telos.
  • Supreme Invigorate saves 10% adrenaline per use of an ultimate. This makes it an ok back-up aura if using Ranged/Magic, as it still allows for double Snapshot and Wild Magic under Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine without Planted Feet. It’s also a pretty decent tanking aura in general due to more adrenaline left over from Immortality/Barricade/Rejuvenate, so it’s the ultimate (hehe) all-purpose aura. Unfortunately, this versatility comes at a cost in that it’s not outstanding at any one place.
Best in slot necklace for range osrs price

Miscellaneous Unlocks

Best Range Bracelet Osrs

  • Guthix staff, unlocked by completing the Mage Arena, has a special attack that does very high damage in addition to draining Defence levels by a flat 4 levels and increasing boss affinity by 2, which roughly translates to a 5% accuracy increase alone and works on all bosses. These accuracy boosts are extremely good at Vorago, Raids, and Telos.
  • Dominion gloves, which are goliath, swift, and spellcaster gloves, have a 1/20 chance of randomly lowering stats when using autoattacks or basic abilities. This stat drain is very good at bosses like Challenge Mode Vindicta, Yakamaru, and Telos, as their stats do not regenerate naturally. They’re also best-in-slot tank gloves if you don’t have Raids gloves.
  • Max cape or Drakan’s medallion for quick teleportation to the Barrows: Rise of the Six arena. Without either of them, your chances of getting into a competent team is slim to none.
  • Completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat is somewhat helpful as entering the glacor cave unlocked after the quest gives a 4 hour-long 6% damage boost to all attacks against GWD bosses and Nex.
  • Completion of Desert Treasure, Lunar Diplomacy, and The Light Within for Ancients, Lunars, and Seren spells is almost key for specialized PvM loadouts. In addition, completion of Dream Mentor and Livid Farm for additional spells on Lunars further enhance versatility.
  • Completion of River of Blood for blood essences (especially Berserk and Aegis essence) is very good, very cheap alternatives to scrimshaws. Aegis essence in particular is the best-in-slot tanky pocket item, which is very nice to use for places that demand strong tanking like Raids, and Berserk essence, when comboed with supreme potions and other pocket items, boosts accuracy and damage skyhigh.
  • Void armor is an ok choice, but is now a severely weaker choice for PvM ever since Invention. Augmented T70 with the right perks out-DPS Void with much better armor to boot. That said, Void is still pretty good for hybridding or tribridding, but the lack of armor will hurt hard.